A number of people already know me, but for others, who do not, I will tell you a little. I was born in Queensland, Australia, to John & Alice Isabel Murray. I came to New South Wales, Australia and went to school at MLC Burwood ...more>

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june sutherland at 21

June at 21

june sutherland

June at Sydney University

I went to the University of Sydney in 1939, graduating Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education. I married John Ramsay Sutherland in 1943.In due course of time, we went to live in Wagga Wagga, NSW, where John was associated with Wagga Wagga Agricultural College from its beginning.

I had nine wonderful children, each one of whom have become a force de majeure in their own communities.

I went back teaching in 1967 and when I went to Gunnedah, NSW, as Head of History, I began to write material for the junior classes for whom there were no texts at the time.

I have continued to write since.

My current project relates to Walter Liberty Vernon and his work as NSW Government Architect from 1890-1911.