June Sutherland passed away at Beechworth, Victoria. Loving wife of John (dec). Much loved mother and mother-in-law of Julia and Warren, Steve and Sue, Sandy, Duncan and Alex, Kate, Bruce and Jennifer, Janet and Ray, Bill and Tracey, Rene and Chris. Adored grandmother of 22 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren. Read more about June on her obitury page.


A number of people already know me, but for others, who do not, I will tell you a little. I was born in Queensland, Australia, to John & Alice Isabel Murray. I came to New South Wales, Australia and went to school at MLC Burwood ...more>


Like an obituary other people prepare without you ever seeing it to make the corrections. It is dedicated to telling my family history. And who better to convey it than my children - each of whom have some ripping yarns to tell. I will add to this section as well, of course, and thus help piece together the tapestry of our lives together ...more>

Canberra bakery pioneers honoured

John Murray, Canberra's first bakerJohn Murray's car, Canberra's first

It's hard to imagine that Canberrans once travelled all the way to Queanbeyan just to buy their bread. Nor is it easy to picture a home surrounded by chooks and vegetables in the middle of Commonwealth Park selling fresh loaves by the Molonglo River's edge (Except from article by Breanna Tucker, Canberra Times, 19 April, 2011)

Photos (L-R): John Murray, Canberra's first baker; John's car, the first in Canberra

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Vivien Beatrice Sutherland (Mammy)

My husband's mother, Viviene Sutherland, was affectionately known as 'Mammy' to all my children. I recently invited them to write a piece each with their memories of her. This link will take you to what they have to say. I have prefaced their words with a short biography.

The Old Ponty

Something we love to talk about is our first family vehicle called The Old Ponty. Click here for some unedited memories from Julia, Stephen, Duncan and Janet ... with more to come from my other children.


My move to Canberra in early 2007 allowed me to be nearer to my close and extended family. I have been on a number of trips to Collector where my great, great, great grandfather John Murray lived. Read more >

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june sutherland

John 'Jungle' Sutherland

june sutherland at 21

The Old Ponty