An educated and cultivated woman

June using her iPad

A thought to all my Sutherland family today as we farewell our matriarch. The mother of mothers, the mum of mum, our Mumzum. 96 and a couple of days, a huge life for a woman that brought into this world a huge family, an amazing family. She was educated and cultivated woman with an amazing sense of style and intellect. An intellect that as a young child I took for granted (hidden behind her crankiness and an argumentative nature). An intellect and an abundance of knowledge, particularly of history that made me feel very privileged to be part of her family.

Her home in Wagga Wagga was dark with the daylight hindered by a dense witchie garden, full of dark corners with objects of blue glass and small trinkets from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It was silk scarfs, walking sticks with elephant handles, art on walls by family members, the internet and computers (as all the cousins proudly declare our Mumzum was the first in our family with the net!) and an abundance of family talking loudly, huge bellowing laughs and a lot of shit stirring. A back yard with a rundown old shed roofed by rusty tin and a dence wisteria vine that hung its grape like flowers around us as we cleaned it out into our cubby house. It was a world of family, warmth and conversation that she welcomed us into and a feeling of warmth and of love for her and for everyone that has sprung forth from her is what she has left with in me. That and an argumentative streak.

Bronwyn Kilgour (Granddaughter)

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