Formidable matriarch

Mumzum with Sophie, May 2017
Phillipa, Sophie and Mumzum, May 2017
Sophie with Mumzum, May 2017

Me, Sophie and Mumzum, May 2017

The sadness I felt for Mumzum’s passing was seeing her towering capacity as an intellectual pass well before she did. After reconciling myself with that loss, her twilight was gorgeous. All I saw in this twilight was that she maintained her devilish sense of humour and a sweetness which was sometimes overwhelming.

She kept a keen appreciation for the beauty she saw in the world and her huge family she created “Is this one of mine?” was a sentence I heard often in relation to her gand and great grandchildren. So I feel no enormous sadness in Mumzum’s departure from this realm, it was conducted in such a distinctly Muzum-ish manner- with a dignified retreat and with the upmost grace, no doubt assisted by Rene, Kate and Janet.

Having seen little of death, I am once again impressed with a sense of awe in our formidable matriarch, only now, in awe of the most graceful dismount from life anyone can hope for. She will always be - Bloody Impressive.

Phillipa Kilgour (Granddaughter)

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