In fond and respectful remembrance

June Sutherland, 23 December 2013

June was part of the fabric of my adolescence, as Rene and I became the fastest of friends in Wagga in the early 1970s; my most lucid memories of her are from this time and the years just after. They’re of days and nights at the Sutherland home at the Riverina Ag College, where we would roam blissfully wild over the countryside for hours and converge on the kitchen for meals now and then, and hunker down at night to talk art and music and what our lives might be. It was a wonder to me that June was a teacher as well as a mother of nine, and that this home was a place of such freedom and spontaneity and self-reliance for her kids. It was always a welcoming one, too. I remember her as an enigmatic presence to my unworldly teenage self; but equally, I remember my impressions of her as a woman of great taste and intellect – which only grew stronger as we all grew older, and as we young women in turn became adults and mothers. June’s was an unorthodox and extraordinary life for her time; it may not have been without difficulty or upset, but then untrammelled comfort does not a rich life make. Sincere condolences to Rene, Kate, Janet and all the family on her passing, and every blessing to June in spirit.

Diane Cook (Family friend)

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