Meaning of Mumzum

June is called Mumzum

I will start, for those who have ever been confused by the name we have used for Mumzum for half a century, with the reason for that name. 50 years ago when I was first trying to address her I couldn't correctly pronounce how she was intruduced to me ... 'Mum's Mum'. And she's been Mumzum ever since to all of us.

She was always been the axle of the family, around which everything revolves and which supports everything as we move along.

There are others that are more eloquent than I and with more contact with Mumzum, so I will give only one thing from my memory. The memory that stays with me best was when I was at school in Wagga. I was living with Mumzum for Year 10. What sticks with me was walking to school with her; she was Head Of English at Wagga High, where they were trying to educate me.

We never spoke of much on those walks, but it was always good—especially when I was new there, as I didn't fit in with the locals well. I will say, by the way, that living with Mumzum didn't give me any special benefits in my English classes. Except that there were a lot of books available in the house.

I remember.

Paul May (Grandson)

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